Penelope Lively

Treasures of Time

When the BBC want to make a documentary about acclaimed archaeologist Hugh Paxton, his widow Laura, daughter Kate and her fiancé Tom are a little nervous: digging up the past can also disturb the present . . . This is an acutely observed study of marriage and manipulation.

Treasure of Time won the 1979 Arts Council’s first National Book Award for fiction.

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"I believed, I was moved, I laughed, and I was interested in it all."
Kingsley Amis

"Penelope Lively is a dab hand at discreet comedy, and TREASURES OF TIME is a beauty. She is a shrewd and witty portraitist, revealing an undercurrent of sadness which gives depth to her observations."
The Daily Telegraph

"Penelope Lively gets better with every book. In TREASURES OF TIME she raises all sorts of issues about the past. Does a place have an atmosphere given by its history? Or is the genius loci entirely subjective, dependent on the onlooker?"
The Listener