Penelope Lively

Good Night, Sleep Tight

There was once a girl who had a large family.” So begins this story of a girl who spends her day mothering her toys – Lion, Frog, Cat and Mary-Ann. When evening comes, she tucks them up in bed next to her and tells them to “sleep tight”. But they don’t want to sleep. They want to take her on adventures – one for each of them. Frog is first. He takes her diving down into the pond, after which she has a wonderfully noisy time with Lion, followed by a surprising walk in the dark with Cat. Finally she goes with Mary-Ann to a party, where she dances, has tea and makes lots of friends. At last, back in bed and exhausted, she orders her toys to sleep. If they’re very good, though, she says they just might have some more adventures another time.

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